GPSG Senate


The Senate is truly the core of the Graduate & Professional Student Government. Comprised of one representative from each of the 38 registered Graduate Student Organization (GSO), the Senate acts as both the legislative and judicial body of GPSG.

According to the GPSG By-Laws, the President must call a meeting of the Senate at least once per month, if not more frequently. In 2017-18, the Senate met once per month on Tuesday's at 4pm, while in 2016-17, the Senate monthly on Tuesday's at 5pm. The decision on the frequency of the meetings is made by the Executive Board each year. 

GPSG Senate meetings are open to the public and we welcome your participation. Please check our events page for a full schedule of the GPSG Senate meetings.

Attendance policy


The GPSG By-Laws state the following: 

1. First absence – No penalty.

2. Second absence – A warning e-mail will be sent to the President, Treasurer, Advisor, and additional Senate contacts of responsible organization regarding absences.

3. Third absence (Within a semester) – If the third absence occurs within the same semester as the previous two absences, travel, event, and organization funding will be revoked and prohibited for the semester following the semester in which the absences occurred. The organization will then be placed on probation the next semester.

4. Third absence (over academic year) – No penalty, last warning.

5. Fourth Absence (over academic year, two per semester) – Organization’s charter is revoked for remainder of year. Organization is placed on probation for one (1) academic year.

The GPSG Secretary manages the attendance of the Senate. Please contact if you have questions about your attendance.