Office of the Secretary of Public Relations

Spring 2018 Officer: Paige Thornton |

Fall 2018 Officer: Abdallah Al Shuli (Thanks for your service, Abdallah!)



Paige is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Appalachian State University.  Her areas of research interest include mental health awareness and education.  She is happiest in the mountains, or near a river a lake and loves any restaurant that serves cheese plates. 


The Secretary of Public Relations shall be responsible for maintaining the GPSG’s image to both the campus and the community. His or her duties shall include such things as communicating with local newspapers and student media, creating or maintaining the GPSG logo and/or slogan, conducting student surveys, general advancement of the GPSG, and designing and distributing general signs promoting the GPSG. 


More Graduate Coverage in NinerMedia

Early on, Abdallah and GPSG President Taylor Valley discussed the lack of coverage of graduate student affairs in NinerMedia such as NinerTimes and other sources. Abdallah and Taylor have worked together to deliver consistent GPSG press releases to NinerMedia to ensure greater coverage. As graduate students, we contribute student fees towards the operations of NinerMedia, and GPSG is fighting to get equal coverage for our contribution.

After Abdallah graduated in December 2017, the new Secretary Paige Thornton, picked up the task of building a better relationship with NinerMedia, and meets with them regularly. 

GPSG Spotlight Story

Abdallah is working on a GPSG spotlight story to cover the agenda and activities of GPSG. With the hopes of making it an annual piece, we believe that at least one story per year should be dedicated to the agenda of the GPSG Executive Board, and how it impacts graduate student affairs.

While the spotlight story was not completed under Abdallah's tenure, Paige Thornton picked up this task, and hopes to publish the spotlight by the end of the academic year.