Summer Travel Funding Application: April 1 - April 15

One of GPSG's primary functions is to help our graduate students travel the world and share the awesome research that they are doing right here at UNC Charlotte. Each year, there are three travel funding application "windows" in which hundreds of students apply for and receive travel funding for fall, spring, and summer.

The Summer Travel Funding Application covers travel between June 1 and September 30, 2018

Apply for travel funding via Niner Engage between April 1 and April 15. The forms open and close at midnight on those dates. Look in the GPSG Niner Engage portal under "Forms."

You must sign in to access the form using your NinerNET username and password. You may also have to "request access" to join the GPSG Portal. We wish we could turn this off, but it is not possible in the new system... If you need to request access, one of our team members will approve your request right away.


Violating travel funding guidelines could result in loss of funding or may cause GPSG to be unable to reimburse you. Please take five minutes to read and understand the travel funding information prior to submitting your application. While we will try to work with you, travel funding is a privilege, and the responsibility is on you as a graduate student to follow the rules.

Remember that GPSG is run by your fellow students and volunteers. We are happy to answer your questions and work with you to submit your application, but please exercise patience during the process. It will be okay! We promise!

Also note that this is the first time ever that GPSG is running the travel funding process via Niner Engage. We are expecting kinks in this process, especially for the first few applicants. Please contact us if you run into any snags.