Senate establishes new Cabinet positions

The GPSG Executive Board introduced policy at the March 13th Senate meeting to create two new Cabinet positions. The Senate voted unanimously to permanently establish the positions of Secretary of Graduate Campus Safety and the Secretary of Graduate Labor Affairs. Senators shared their overwhelming support for both positions, with one Senator mentioning the unique safety needs of graduate students. 

"Graduate students need a voice in the campus safety conversation. We are often on campus late at night attending and teaching classes, or working in our labs and offices," said President Taylor Valley. "We are currently the only students who attend late classes at the Center City Campus."

Valley also stressed the hundreds of student interactions that graduate students have through their roles as Graduate Assistants. "Graduate students put themselves out there by serving in teaching and administrative positions, often for the first time. These are unique experiences for graduate students that come with specific safety risks depending on the job."

The duties of the new positions are listed below. William Long will serve as GPSG's first Secretary of Graduate Labor Affairs in spring 2018. GPSG is actively recruiting for the Secretary of Graduate Campus Safety position. 

Secretary of Graduate Campus Safety

  • Act as a liaison between the UNC Charlotte Police, Emergency Management, and relevant SGA safety committees.
  • Act as a representative of the graduate student body during the annual campus safety walk.
  • Identify and address the unique safety needs of the graduate student body.

Secretary of Labor Affairs Duties:

  • Serve as the primary representative for all graduate student workers including graduate research, teaching, and administrative assistants.
  • Advocate for graduate worker equity, fairness, and benefits.
  • Research comparable institutions and survey the graduate student body to gain insight into UNC Charlotte’s graduate workers.
  • Chair the Graduate Workers Committee.