GSPG Senate Amends Elections Act

While the originally Elections Act (2017) included an innovative voting procedure called Ranked-Choice Voting, technology limitations have required the Senate to pass an amendment to the Act. The Senate debated the matter and 

In the first open election this year, candidates will run in a "Winner-Take-All" Election, in which the candidate with the largest number of votes will be declared the winner. There will be no run-off election, even if the candidate does not get a 50%+ majority. 

"While this is disappointing, we saved the old bill's text, and we hope that the next administration continues to work with University technology managers to implement the changes necessary for RCV," said President Taylor Valley.

Valley and the rest of the GPSG Executive Board believes that Ranked-Choice Voting provides the best representation to each student by allowing them to rank candidates by order of preference. "No matter who wins, you will likely have a say in it," said Valley. 

The first election will take place between April 5th and April 10th with Executive Board members hoping for a high turnout.