Statement Denouncing Islamophobic Acts On Campus

An unfortunate incident took place on Monday, May 8th where an anti-Muslim poster was stuck anonymously on a suite door in Wallis hall. The Executive Board of the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) unanimously condemns this act of religious discrimination. By issuing this statement, the GPSG Executive Board is joining with the Student body, Multicultural Resource Center, Department of Religious Studies, and the LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus of UNC Charlotte, who have also made statements denouncing this act.

UNC Charlotte Officials and Police are currently investigating this matter. If you have any information, please contact Campus Police immediately.

Our thoughts lie with those hurt or offended by this act. We are also thinking of those who committed this act. They need our help to better understand that people of all backgrounds can come together to create a better community. We must act as examples for those in our community who may not value the strong diversity that we enjoy at UNC Charlotte. Vile acts of ignorance such as this deserve no place in our minds, much less our hearts, and GPSG stands against such discrimination. We will always work to ensure that all graduate students feel protected, welcomed, and valued.

If you have been affected by this incident or another like it, please reach out to those around you for support and remember the Counseling Center here at UNC Charlotte offers free sessions for students. If you witness or personally experience an incident like this, please contact the appropriate authorities such as the UNC Charlotte Police. You can also report an incident online to the Office of Student Conduct.


Rachel Walstead, GPSG President