GPSG Senate Passes Elections Act (2017)

On November 14th, the GPSG Senate voted 26-1 in a roll call vote to pass The Elections Act (2017). With its passage, all enrolled graduate students in spring 2018 shall have the right to vote for their representatives for the first time in the organization's 19-year history. The elected offices are now President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The offices of Secretary and Chief of Staff will now be appointed by the incoming President, and confirmed by the GPSG Senate at the last meeting of each academic year. 

The vote marks a new milestone in GPSG's effort to restructure the organization, bringing it more in line with the practices of its SGA counterpart.

"This is about building legitimacy, embracing democratic principles, and recognizing the future of graduate life at UNC Charlotte," says Taylor Valley. Vice President Jennifer Perry stated, "The current [executive] Board came on with the ideals of change and inclusion. This new Elections Act is a huge step in fulfilling our mission of making all graduate and professional students relevant and actively engaged with the processes that ultimately affect them."