Event Funding

NOTE: GPSG is funded by your Student Activity Fees. As a result, these funds are used to fund student activities that will benefit graduate students and the greater UNC Charlotte community.


Event Funding Overview

This money can be accessed by Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) holding a valid charter GPSG for the current fiscal year.

Event funds can be used for both small and large events. Your GSO can use this funding for academic conferences, workshops, networking events, socials, and events that build interest in your group. 

The amount of money your group will be granted will be determined by your estimate of how many people you expect to attend, listed as part of an application that clearly explains the event, its goals, and how it applies to the purpose of the organization. Each application will be submitted to the GPSG Treasurer and reviewed for approval by the Finance Committee.

How to apply

A complete event application packet includes the following:

a. Event Application -  This includes: 

  • A sample advertisement for the event
  • A short resume/bio for each speaker (if applicable) 
  • A letter of support from each cosponsor, outlining their contributions to the event (if applicable) 
  • A list of all sources of additional funding, including monetary amounts (if applicable)
  • A detailed budget of how the award will be spent must be included with the application

b. At least one member of the group should be prepared to communicate with the GPSG Treasurer and the GPSG Finance Committee to answer questions and provide further information (if necessary).

c. Event Evaluation Form (not for small events under $100) - Complete this form after hosting your event or conference

All events will be subject to a discrepancy review. How this review works is that the total number of people who actually attended the event must not be less than 85% of the original total estimated attendance or the difference between the estimated attendance and the actual attendance must be less than 25 people, whichever number is greater. The penalty for significant underestimates will be equal to the total difference between the estimated funding amount and the amount generated from the actual attendance level.


All events receiving funding must prominently display the GPSG and SAFC disclaimer on all printed and digital advertising materials.


Event Funding Guidelines

At minimum, your organization must submit your event funding request application three (3) weeks prior to the date of your event. All applications received less than three (3) weeks prior to the date of the event will be automatically denied by the GPSG Treasurer. For efficient processing, GPSG recommends submitting this form 5-6 weeks prior to the date of your event.

1. Things to be aware of:

a. The amount of money that you are allotted for an event is dependent on the number of estimated student attendees. The formula is $10 per estimated student attendee, up to a maximum total budget of $3,000.

b. All events are subject to a discrepancy review. Each group needs to have its actual number of student attendees to be not less than 25 of the estimated number of attendees or not less than 15% of the estimated number of attendees, whichever is greater number. Cut off for using 25 people or 15% is between 150 and 175. So if you plan to have 200 people attend your conference, you would need to be within 15% (which is 30 people), but if you plan to have only 100 people attend, then you would need to be within 25 people. This is to ensure that groups do not inflate their numbers.

c. Your event funding request must be approved by a vote on the Finance Committee. A member (or members) of the GSO must be prepared to communicate with the GPSG Treasurer and Finance Committee in a timely manner if they have questions regarding your application. Failure to communicate could result in a delay in processing your funding request.

2. How to request funding for your event:

a. Fill out the event application form via OrgSync. 

b. There are several additional letters, flyers, etc. that you may need to attach to the application, depending on what you plan to do at your conference:

  • A sample advertisement for the event. This is required for any event, and can be as simple as a flyer that you hang in your department.

  • If you plan to have catering, you need to include either a contract from the caterers (Chartwells), or an estimate using the prices from their website/menu. You will be able to upload supporting documentation for each expense.

  • Include a short resume/bio for each speaker if you'll have speakers.

  • If you are paying your speaker, you will also need to include a contract form dealing with honorariums, which must be signed before the event. This form can be found on the SAFC website http://safc.uncc.edu

  • A letter of support from each cosponsor, outlining their contributions to the event (if applicable)

  • A list of all sources of additional funding, including monetary amounts, and how you plan to use that money (if applicable)

  • A detailed budget for all the money you will be using. While not technically required, I would highly recommend this. On this budget you would want to indicate where the money is coming from and what it is being used for.

c. After submitting the event funding form via OrgSync, the GPSG Treasurer will put your application up for a vote at the next regular GPSG Finance Committee meeting, which are generally bi-weekly.

d. After approval by the GPSG Finance Committee, the GPSG Treasurer will send you a budget of all expenses that GPSG will fund. 

e. At your event, keep track of attendance using a sign-in sheet, card swiper, or spreadsheet. You will be required to upload this documentation in the event evaluation form.

f. After your event, you submit the event evaluation form via OrgSync, and upload all receipts for which you needed to be reimbursed.

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