The Elections Committee

Chaired by the GPSG Parliamentarian, the GPSG Elections Committee operates in the spring semester each year. The Committee is responsible for administering, overseeing, and promoting the annual election of GPSG officers. Up to six (6) enrolled graduate students may serve on The Elections Committee, with a term starting in January and ending in April. Students who serve on this Committee will gain valuable administration, communication, and management skills.

2018 Members:

  • Donna Goodenow, Co-Chair |
  • Kelsey Mongeau, Co-Chair |
  • Brandy Stamper
  • Dave Frantzreb, Secretary
  • Henri Levy
  • Jasmine Smith

NOTE: The Elections Committee currently has its maximum number of members. You can fill out the application to be placed on a wait list in case of vacancies. You can also sign up to be a general volunteer during the election!