Governing Documents

As a democratically governed organization, GPSG's governing laws change over time as we adapt to new norms and graduate student needs.

Click the buttons below to view the most recent governing documents of GPSG:

NOTE: In the 2017-2018 academic year, GSPG is undergoing a constitutional reorganization effort to expand the governing scope of the organization. The new governing documents will be structured as follows by May 2018:

  • GPSG Constitution
  • Title I: The GPSG Executive Board (March 2018)
  • Title II: The GPSG Senate (March 2018)
  • Title III: Committees and Cabinet (March 2018)
  • Title IV: Finance Laws (April 2018)
  • Title V: The Elections Act (October 2017)
  • Title IV: The Chartering Act (November 2017)

Please click the buttons below to view completed sections of the new Code of Laws of the Graduate & Professional Student Government: